Professional services

Building and maintaining successful IT security is not an easy job. The complexity of information security requires experience and deep technical knowledge. In many cases, acquiring such extensive knowledge is not practical. On top of that, there’s the ever changing landscape of the industry, so it’s sensible to trust professionals.

Today's expert has many faces. In addition to deep knowledge of several technological areas, the expert should be able to document and, when necessary, explain things in public (often to people without technical knowledge), and still understand the business requirements.

We specialize in implementing various kinds of corporate security solutions in the field of technical infrastructure and IT security. Policies, firewalls, backup, network segmentation, various secure connections and, for example, remote access needs should be designed according to the company’s needs.

Management Consulting

Do you want to know the overall IT security status of your organization?
Does your company have a security policy or does it require an upgrade? How could IT security be part of your company's daily business and support core activities? You will always get help from us. We are available for short consultation work or large-scale projects.

Outsourced IT Security resource

Deep risk analysis to IT security assessments, we bring you a certified professional to help you with all your IT security needs. Our appointed experts work in close cooperation with you, and over the course of developing and managing your business, your knowledge and understanding about your security will also be improved.

Project Management

We know that that successful and responsible project management plays a key role in outcome of the project and the budget. We are specialized in infrastructure, outsourcing, IT security and technical projects. Depending on your needs, if the project has grown in scope or your company has just an idea, we can provide the resources to implement it. We are also specialized in completing projects left unfinished. We will complete the work!

Customer orientation as part of a Successful project management

We always maintain strong communication with our clients, so the needs are well understood. In our opinion, project planning is one of the most important aspects of project management.

Ironclad Workmanship

Fiarone’s project expertise enables us to use of different project management methods based on the desire of the customer. We always look for the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for the customer. Our certified know-how consists of different technologies, systems, data privacy and various industries.