Data Protection Officer maintains the level of data privacy

Data Protection Officers have existed in the past, but the EU GDPR recommends appointing a Data Protection Officer for all companies. Although a data controller is always responsible for personal data, but a resource such as Data Protection Officer can be an invaluable aid in maintaining the level of data protection and identifying possible exceptional situations in the organization.

The duties of the Data Protection Officer include providing expert assistance to both the organization’s personnel and the organization's management on issues related to data privacy and ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements. It is also the responsibility of the Data Protection Officer to act as a contact point for the Authorities and data subjects for issues related to processing personal data. For this reason, the organization must disclose the contact details of the Data Protection Officer and inform them to Authorities.

Training a Data Protection Officer by an Expert

If your DPO needs support, updating knowledge, or information regarding the GDPR, don't hesitate to contact us. Our DPO training meets the following challenges, eg. DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment), information security dimensions (technical, social and organizational), building a data privacy culture - how to create a permanent policy for security, the right response to a security breach, and considering data privacy in contracts.

Data Protection Officer can be outsourced

Depending on the size of the organization and the extent of its activity, the Data Protection Officer does not have to be a full-time employee or the company's own employee. According to GDPR the DPO can also be a third-party representative, meaning the task does not require to bind a person within the company.

An outsourced Data Protection Officer could be an important resource for your company. The Data Protection Officer can consult the Organizations management and give completely new perspective to support decision-making. This outsourced professional may support management and be involved in business planning and implementation, support marketing and sales organizations in data privacy issues, and proactively present questions related to it to keep the level of data privacy high throughout the organization.

Fiarone has been successful in helping a number of companies preparing GDPR rollout for a long time. We can also provide a competent Data Protection Officer as a service to support your business.

Expertise at your disposal

An outsourced Data Protection Officer is a knowledgeable resource to consult your management's decisions. It is possible for your company's personnel to be trained by experts in the field and to make data privacy a competitive advantage for your company.

Our contacts and processes are ready to be used

Fiarone's Data Protection officer has ready-made processes as well as contacts to ensure systematic operation in crisis situations as well as prepared and proven tools for developing and maintaining data privacy.