What are the ingredients of an agile expert organization?

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”
-Vince Lombardi

How is a successful cyber security company built?

It consists of extensive expertise in various technologies, solid experience, passion for solving customer's problems and burning desire to make the world a more information secure place. It also builds on being courageous to do things in a new way.

Finnish Fiarone Oy is formed by these ingredients. The exact proportions of these ingredients are considered as business secrecy. Customer experience can also be considered as one of the secrets of Fiarone's success.

Fully owned by its operational personnel

Fiarone Oy is a Finnish cyber security company. Our entire staff consists of long-line certified professionals who have combined over 50 years of experience from small and medium enterprises to international listed companies. The company is fully owned by its operational personnel. We take care of our customers' cyber security with safe data administration, data privacy and IT environment monitoring. Our service products are the result of our own product development, so we are not dependent on external service providers Therefore our pricing is always cost-effective. We continue helping company's management from the starting point of data privacy to beyond.

Fiarone's passion is to help businesses act responsibly by taking data privacy and information security as part of their daily business. Future prospects are measured with data security and responsible data processing. Get involved with data privacy work where data privacy responsibility is the liability of every responsible company to notify its customers and environments about their information security business. Transparent personal data processing and honest data privacy will bring your business a competitive advantage!

Data privacy work!

Take part in Data Privacy work with us and make data privacy business a major competitive advantage for your company! #dataprivacy #dataprivacyresponsibility