Data Privacy is a competitive advantage in digital business

Our GDPR services are a clear set of features to enhance our customer's data privacy. We determine the scope of work based on the current GDPR readiness of the company. Well-managed data privacy provides a competitive edge that is worth investing in.

GDPR GAP Analysis

GAP analysis is a workshop where we determine the baseline scenario in relation to the GDPR. The assessment typically includes information security and data privacy policy as well as registry descriptions, exception management, log management, personnel training, contracts and appendices.

GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Protecting and managing personal data plays a key part of the GDPR. DPIA examines corporate systems and processes from the personal data processing point of view. Our focus is also targeted on managing identity and creating data flow charts.

The end product is a "to-do list".

The objective of the assessment is to provide a clear overview of the data privacy for the company and its management. The end results of the workshops are a clear and prioritized task list that serves as a basis for the procedures.

From GDPR assessment to implementation

Fiarone Oy is an independent expert in the development of information security in many different industries. After assessment processes, we have a clear picture of the company's needs and the measures required, as well as the budget of the implementation.

GDPR development measures

The GDPR assessment and system DPIAs provide a clear task list for the necessary measures. An estimate of the scope, duration and budget of the implementation is determined during the assessment work.

GDPR training and increasing readiness

In addition to the implementation of the task list, preparation for the GDPR requires increased awareness, continuous monitoring of security anomalies and an implementation of their management. Finally, Fiarone can provide regular training for your personnel.

Shall we begin?

We help your business to prepare for the GDPR in agreed schedule and budget. More detailed options are available from our sales.. Contact us, we'll be happy to help!