Oversee™ SOC scales to everyone

Centralized log management, SIEM, Security Operations Center, and capability of 72-hour data breach notifications are matters, which over the last few years have grown more and more into companies' planning. To solve these issues, we have developed comprehensive solution called Oversee™ SOC, which scales from smaller companies to all the way up to multinational corporations, that may have thousands of workstations in their networks.

Comprehensive service

Our solution, that cuts costs, can be delivered as comprehensive SOC service. It integrates with the current IT environment of your business. We collect comprehensive log data from systems, software and network devices and analyze your organizations network traffic in real-time. We monitor your business' IT security threats around the clock, identify potential leaks and misuse for you, and help you out when you need to react quickly. The service we offer includes the needed experts, hardware and software without any separate license fees.

Oversee™ SOC meets GDPR requirements for log management and audit trail requirements as well as helps your company meet the ISO 27001 requirements for data security management.

A swiftly functioning Security Operations Center is no longer an exclusive right of large companies.

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