Secure environment and applications

Identifying information security risks is a critical part of business. Often, as companies IT infrastructure grows, there will be a need for information management to verify existing information security solutions are adequate, and to audit existing systems. Personal data applications, the structure of data networks and business critical systems play a key role in the company's continuity. External perspective and testing is an effective way to find out where the risks and vulnerabilities are.

Application Security Testing

We provide our customers various information security assessments concerning softwares and services. We use open source products, commercial tools, and manual testing in our work. When combined with expert knowledge, it is possible to determine the vulnerabilities of the target and to initiate corrective actions before damage occurs.

Data network assessment

With regard to comprehensive data privacy and information security, it is essential the entire IT environment is managed and potential threats are identified. The old saying about how the chain is just as strong as its weakest link also holds true for information systems. By assessing your business' information networks, you can find out the systems and vulnerable components.

The final product is a to-do list

As a result of our security assessment, we write a statement about the security level of the tested objects and make suggestions on how to fix the issues occurred. When necessary, we will also help to correct the identified vulnerabilities.