Need an expert to speak at your event?

Our experts are available for speaking segments, particularly about topics related to cyber security - whether it is about preparing against network attacks or getting ready for GDPR. We designed our talks and workshops to be engaging, inspirational, and exciting. The goal is not to overload the audience with too much information, so the audience can walk away with only the most important parts.

Pioneer of Data Privacy - Get to know GDPR

We train businesses, Data Protection Officers and organizations to prepare for the GDPR. Our solution-oriented and clear approach has also received praise in data security training.

GDPR is coming - are you ready?

A preview of what our GDPR training includes and how to get prepared for it. In our basic training, the following privacy policy themes are covered:

  • • What new important terms and definitions does the law introduce?
  • • What data is allowed to be collected in various registers in the future?
  • • What are the rights of data subject and how to prepare for them?
  • • Obligation to notify and detect security anomalies
  • • What are the data controllers responsibilities and obligations?
  • • Assigning the Data Protection Officer - when and why?
GDPR Workshops

Our attention is also focused on GPDR identity management. We can organize workshops for your staff or for your organization’s management, where you can immediately get involved with practical measures.

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Our goal is always to fulfill our customers' wishes, whether your need is for customer event, staff training or stakeholder event, don't hesitate to contact us. Together we can find the most appropriate implementation. Ask for a quote!